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EISDEdgewood Independent School District (San Antonio, TX)
EISDEanes Independent School District (Texas)
EISDEaton Intermediate School District (Charlotte, MI)
EISDElectra Independent School District (Electra, TX)
EISDEnergy Industry and Sustainable Development Division (Malaysia)
EISDErythrodermic Inflammatory Skin Disease
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Within its small area, the EVP was of sufficient scale to generate some significant in-migration into the EISD, and prevent some of the out-migration that would have otherwise occurred.
We selected districts similar to the EISD, pre-EVP, and then, with some caveats, assumed that the large 1998-2008 differences between the EISD and the control districts were due to the EVP.
The levels and trends in those data were similar for the EISD and the districts listed above.
We excluded Crystal City from our current assessment of economic development issues because it is a largely rural district, and because an industrial park that arose after the conclusion of the Merrifield (2004) study makes it noncomparable to the EISD for assessment of EVP economic growth effects.
Our full EVP assessment shows that despite the effects of the EVP, the EISD and MGT districts stayed very similar in terms of the similarity determinants for the Merrifield (2004) control districts.
To update Merrifield (2004) and extend the analysis to economic activity effects, we collected more detailed data for the EISD and the control districts.
Furthermore, statistical analysis suggests that the Merrifield (2004) districts are more closely related demographically to the EISD.
Over the 10-year period of the Edgewood Voucher Program (1998-2008), the total value of the property on the tax rolls within the boundaries of the EISD rose by 86.
The EISD comparison to similar pre-1998 districts should substantially control for any factors common to EISD and the control districts, including state policies and inflationary pressures.
4 percentage rise in the total value of property on the EISD tax rolls largely depends on differences between EISD and the still-qualifying four control districts: Port Arthur, Robstown, Waco, and West Oso.
However, until replication attempts find otherwise, we believe that a typical school district, even one with much better public schools than EISD, will likely see larger economic development effects than we observed in Edgewood.
Relative to the MGT districts, EISD growth out-performed the San Antonio district (SAISD), but not the South San Antonio district that ends just north of the new Toyota factory.