EISFEdinburgh International Science Festival (UK)
EISFElastic Incoherent Structure Factor (US NASA)
EISFEuropean Interagency Security Forum (humanitarian aid network)
EISFEnvironmental Impact Screening Form (Washington, DC)
EISFEssential Image Source Foundation (Santa Barbara, California)
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An EISF spokesman said: "Our mission is to inspire people to explore and understand the world around them.
In the disordered phase (at 400 K), unlike the plastic phases of most molecular solids, the EISF results exclude single rotational-jump models as well as isotropic and free uniaxial rotational diffusion models.
A collaboration between EISF, Tourism and Cultural Authority (TCA) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) brings to the Festival 'Animal Agents' where eco--warriors will be inspired by vigorous local schemes to save indigenous species.