EISFEdinburgh International Science Festival (UK)
EISFElastic Incoherent Structure Factor (US NASA)
EISFEuropean Interagency Security Forum (humanitarian aid network)
EISFEnvironmental Impact Screening Form (Washington, DC)
EISFEssential Image Source Foundation (Santa Barbara, California)
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The exact shape of EISF is indicative of the geometry of the diffusional process and, by a careful line shape analysis of the spectra, it is possible to distinguish different dynamics that can be correlated to specific molecular groups in the system.
Each contribution describes the dynamics for the protons in a specific confined geometry and is represented as the sum of an EISF and an elastic term.
The corresponding EISF, averaged over all the possible orientations of the bond direction with respect to q, can be written as follows:
The experimental EISF for this component is shown in Figure 3 for POPC at the two investigated temperatures, T = 248 and 273 K, and compared with the results obtained at T = 298 K for the liquid phase [25].
For the two-site jump dynamics, EISF is given as follows [37]: EIS[F.sub.i](q) = 1 - 2P1P2(1 - [j.sub.0](Qd)), where P1 and P2 are the probabilities of finding a bead in a trans or gauche conformation, respectively, with (P1 + P2) = 1.
As far as the methyl group dynamics are concerned, they are described by a three-site jump rotational diffusion model, and the corresponding EISF is given by [26]
Anyway, this model resulted to be unsuitable to describe the experimental EISF at and below the main transition temperature (data not shown).
An EISF spokesman said: "Our mission is to inspire people to explore and understand the world around them.
A collaboration between EISF, Tourism and Cultural Authority (TCA) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) brings to the Festival 'Animal Agents' where eco--warriors will be inspired by vigorous local schemes to save indigenous species.
The human body's physical condition is explored with 'Energize', which is brought by EISF in association with the Imperial College London Diabetes Centre (ICLDC) Abu Dhabi.
ESI, formerly Emirates Iron and Steel Factory (EISF), is wholly-owned by the government of Abu Dhabi and was established in 1998.
The festival is once again collaborating with the Edinburgh International Science Festival (EISF), the world's first science festival, as its Programming Partner.