EISSEnglish Institute of Sport Sheffield (UK)
EISSEnhanced Intel Speed Step
EISSEuropäisches Institut für Systemsicherheit
EISSEnhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (Raytheon Company; US DoD)
EISSEtrust Internet Security Suite (software)
EISSEuropean Informatics Skills Structure
EISSEconomic Impact Study System
EISSEUCOM Intelligence Support System
EISSElectronic Integrated Sensor Suite
EISSExtended Incident Stress Syndrome
EISSEncyclopedia of Information Systems and Services
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Table 2 EISs and Issue Decisions Issue Decision EIS Prepared?
Most EISs will show data, either graphically or in detail, and compare them to such benchmarks as a budget, a previous period, or any other comparison the executive chooses.
To answer this question, we developed a documentary analysis coding framework to enable greater scrutiny of the quality of health coverage in EISs.
For example, one scholar assessed thirty-five EISs issued by the Bureau of Land Management from 2007 to 2008.
Just as support for putting the LNG terminal in Valdez is not new, neither is the work to include the alternative in the project's EIS (environmental impact statement).
The army later said it captured Talaat al Eiss and the surounding areas in a move that effectively brings the army in control of most of southern Aleppo countryisde.
When visiting the website, users can click on any state for a list of EISs, including information about the potential environmental, social and economic impacts of these projects.
The Block 30 was planned as a multi-intelligence platform, with the Raytheon Eiss (Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite) and Northrop Grumman Asip (Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload).
JUST over 48 hours after taking a W in the main arena at the EISS Sheffield, the Eagles were back in the same building but in the less salubrious surroundings of the small 'Blue Hall.
This policy pertains to new, updated and existing DON EISs and RMAs.