EISTEastern Indiana Standard Time
EISTEnhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (Intel Corp)
EISTEnhanced Intel Speed Step Technology
EISTElectrical and Information Sciences Tripos
EISTEarth Information Science and Technology
EISTEuropean Information Society Technologies
EISTEducation Instructional Systems Technology
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Yr anaesthetic ydi'r peryg i eist hyen wrth gwrs, ond mae 'na risg hyd yn oed efo gast ifanc fel Del.
Hij komt in conflict met de katholieke missie in zijn district: deze eist 200 hectare land op, "een concessie", om de koffieplantage uit te breiden.
Eist was over-medicating these three patients and that Dr.
Another case of compromised confidentiality concerns Harold Eist, a psychiatrist in Maryland, whose confidential patient records have been repeatedly demanded by the Maryland State Board of Physicians in response to a third-party complaint despite the adamant opposition of the patient, a peer review that found the third-party allegations against Dr.
Onfray, Cynismen: Portret van de hondse filosoof (Baarn 1992) 113-17, employs the stories to define the task of the philosopher against power: 'Tegen-over elke macht die onderwerping en offers van allerlei aard eist, heeft de filosoof de taak respectloosheid, brutaliteit, schaamteloosheid, ongedisciplineerdheid en weerspannigheid aan de dag te leggen' (111).
Eist said at the 6th World Congress on Depressive Disorders.
van der EIst Vroeer: Departement Afrikaans & Nederlands, PU vir CHO
The poems "that we shall examine here are of Dietmar von Eist, Heinrich voe Monmgen and Walther von der Vogelweide.
Weber' s perspective suggests that the intellectual of the twentieth century is above all direct heir to Luther's Reformation and to Voltaire's Age of Reason, and hence to demystifying, humanizing, materialist, and politically leveling impulses, for which a supersensible and hierarchical belief in the sacred was supplanted by d eist or anthropological reduction (as in Feuerbach), if not by outright atheism.
This does not undermine its problematic nature for an observing agnostic or ath eist. In the light of my arguments about commanding to believe, the presence of this mitzva also poses a serious problem for Judaism.
Pursuant to the passage of the parity legislation, APA president Harold Eist combined these points, arguing that "Parity is a fairness issue" and that the "business community mounted an outrageous, vitriolic campaign against [the bill] based on ignorance and stigma...." However, it was the efforts of the proponents of the legislation that evidenced the most deceptive persuasive tactics.
Bho chionn deich bliadhna thadhail mi air larach a' bhoma agus bruidhinn mi ris a "Hibakusha", iadsan a tha fhathast beo, agus dh' eist mi ris an teisteanas aca.