EITIExtractive Industries Transparency Initiative
EITIÉcole d'ingénierie et de Technologie de l'Information (French)
EITIElectrical Industry Training Institute (est. 1991; British Columbia, Canada)
EITIEuropean Interconnect Technology Initiative (EU)
EITIEmergent Information Technologies, Inc.
EITIExploitation Initiative Tools Insertion
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Each country is required to accept the EITI principles, which are laid out in Table 1 below, and to produce a detailed report on all extractive industries on its territory to demonstrate that those principles are being put into practice.
Early discussions of the EITI moved away from mandatory company
Th at's where the EITI proposes some things that are useful, but they're not enough.
In the Philippines, companies that agree to EITI provisions also have to sign waivers to lift the secrecy of their income tax returns.
We want to reap the full benefits of the EITI process because there's a lot of effort being put into this and our ideal situation is to get 100 percent compliance," she added.
The EITI would be attended by a number of countries' presidents and oil ministers from the participated countries.
DRC adhered in May 2005 to EITI, whose objective is to maintain transparency in public management in states worldwide, especially in Africa, with the willingnes s to benefit the greater number of citizens from natural resources, by urging int e rnational extractive industries, accused rightly or wrongly of plundering such r e sources, to "publish what they pay" to the public treasury.
Finally, the Minister for Mines and the President of the EITI closed the meeting, in the name of the President of the Republic.
Implementing the EITI doesn't involve only the Ministry of Energy.