EIULEquity Indexed Universal Life (insurance)
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So, now that we have a baseline, we can see how the average fees in an EIUL stack up by comparison.
The key to attaining this low level of expense lies in the proper structuring of the EIUL contract from the outset.
In a way, the same can be said of an EIUL contract.
One of the most abused aspects of illustrating EIUL policies is the variable loan rate.
I believe there are three different EIUL policies designs, whether designed intentionally to fit a market or not: 1) Policies designed for a flat stock market; 2) Policies designed for a moderate stock market; and 3) Policies designed for a robust stock market.
National Life Ultra EIUL $250K/M55/$7,500 violates DEFRA so
The original versions of EIUL insurance have been around for a decade now.
And it won't surprise me at all to see EIUL sales going up.
It's easy to see why, in today's low interest rate environment, EIUL has appeal for many customers--i.
Market research is revealing that most customers today really do want some contract guarantees in their life insurance contract--and an EIUL contract does contain guarantees.
The recent EIUL activity is coming in wake of the success EIAs have had in recent years, he said.
Right now, AmerUs dominates the EIUL market, Pfeifer said, and AIG, Old Mutual and Allianz are "gathering steam.