EIVEnterprise Income Verification (US HUD)
EIVEquine Influenza Virus
EIVElektronischen Informationsverteiler
EIVExternal Iliac Vein
EIVÉtablissement Industriel Voies (French: Establishment Industrial Way)
EIVEmerson Independent Video
EIVÉlectricité Industrielle Vauclusienne (French: Industrial Electricity Vaucluse; Vaucluse, France)
EIVEmergency Isolation Valve
EIVEmplacement Installation Vehicle
EIVÉlectricité Industrielle Velay (French: Velay Industrial Electricity; Velay, France)
EIVexpected increase in value
EIVElectrical Inspections Victoria (Australia)
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H2O Midstream is funded via a private equity commitment from EIV Capital and co-investments from several of EIV's institutional partners collectively representing more than USD 70bn in assets under management.
"EIV has been a fantastic partner in project development, and we're excited to embark on our next round of development with them," said Grant Zimmerman, chief executive officer of Amp Americas in a press release.
In the spring of 2003, in UK, transmission of H3N8 EIV was also reported in dogs that were fed for a week on raw meat and offal from horses (Newton et al., 2007).
The most common clinical signs of EIV infection in equids are fever, lethargy, anorexia, nasal discharge, and a nonproductive dry cough (4).
Pode-se afirmar que estes resultados mais expressivos sao fruto da reproducao, nas Leis de PDM, das disposicoes da CF e do EC sobre o patrimonio paisagistico, e do EC sobre os seguintes instrumentos da politica de desenvolvimento urbano: i) Direito de Preempcao; ii) Transferencia do Direito de Construir; e iii) Estudo Previo de Impacto de Vizinhanca (EIV).
Tambien tiene que ver mucho el tema sociocultural y lo sigo viendo en el terna del lugar donde ellos se desenvuelven y por que lo derivo al nivel socioeconomico, porque generalmente si no contamos con los recursos necesarios, si no contamos con los recursos, obviamente vamos a llegar a un lugar que no es tranquilo para vivir, de alguna u otra manera si puede afectar, pero tambien afecta mucho el tema cultural donde ellos se desenvuelven despues de la jornada escolar (EIV).
Using ELISA kit and HI as serological methods for diagnosis, we found a 24.13% (168/696) overall seroprevalence, where the seroprevalence for H3N8 was 14.51% (101/696), for H7N7 6.03% (42/696), and 3.59% (25/696) as mixed infections, suggesting EIV current and active circulation in equine population of Pakistan.
Embora ja se tenha demonstrado os efeitos da hipotensao pos-esforco (HPE) em EIC e EIV, a literatura ainda se mostra escassa na comparacao da resposta em diferentes metodos de exercicio em hipertensos medicados.
On the other hand, for closed-loop systems subject to the input and output measurement noises, [23] developed a new closed-loop subspace identification algorithm (SOPIM) by adopting the EIV model structure of SIMPCA and proposed an orthogonal projection approach to avoid identifying the parity space of the feedback controller.
80% da [FC.sub.max] Cunha e Primeira sessao com As sessoes de EIV e colaboradores TE ate a exaustao; EIC resultam em HPE (2006) duas sessoes semelhantes.
The usual procedure to handle error in variable (EIV) problem is that betas are estimated at portfolios level.
Megaplus, with its offices and trained staff in four major cities of Pakistan; Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar offers nationwide services to its client's project needs for complete EIV Systems, ranging from fire alarm, CCTV, Access control, Biometrics and face recognition system and time Attendance, public address system, nurse call system and Environmental monitoring system for data centers.