EIWSEnlisted Information Warfare Specialist
EIWSEnd Item Weapon System
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A well-recognized effect of [Al.sup.3+] is the induction of oxidative stress [141] and though it has prooxidant [142] effects through its impact on water dynamics as Ling has shown [143-145], it disrupts enzymes involved in the methylation pathway, increasing EIWS [59].
Light and electron microscopy also show that cell morphology is sensitive to EIWS [152].
(Figure 1), in which the water dynamics are locked in two directions, shows how the cation and anion produce the polarized-oriented multilayer (PML), confirming the theory of Ling (2003) [115], the exclusion zones (EZs) of water reported by Zheng and Pollack (2003) [114, 172, 173], and the H-bond cooperativity implicit in the EIWS theory [59].
Because of stretching and reorientation of H-O bonds, generalized from the dynamics illustrated in Figure 1, the local "unwetting," "stretching," and hydrophobic "collapse" of interfacial water can also disrupt signaling systems, leading to immune dysfunctions and autoimmune diseases, all beginning with EIWS [59, 68].
EIWS Promotes Both Structural and Biosemiotic Entropy.
The data suggest direct damage to the plasma membrane, manifested as an increase in membrane permeability, consistent with the EIWS theory.