EIZEkonomski Institut, Zagreb (Croatian; Economics Institute, Zagreb; Zagreb, Croatia)
EIZEuropäisches Informationszentrum
EIZExpertisecentrum Informele Zorg (Dutch: Center of Expertise for Informal Care; Netherlands)
EIZEngineering Institute of Zambia
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Pakistan has the option of implementing the concept of EIZs in two ways.
Afridi suggested that Pakistan has the option of implementing the concept of EIZs in two ways.
In parallel with the fashion show, Reham Eiz Al Din will make a demonstration of henna painting, decorating the hands and feet, a tradition in the Arab region since the seventh century.
5) EH egh, eh, ez, (hegh, heght, negh, neh, slezt, etc.) EIH eigh, eih, eiz, eygh, eyh, eyz (heigh, heih, heiz, slezt, etc.) EY(E) ey(e), ei(e) (hey, heye, ney, neye, etc.) I(E)H igh, ih, ygh, yh, yz (high, nih, hygh, nyz, etc.) Y(E) y(e), i(e) (hye, hi, nye, nie, etc.) OH ogh, oh, oz (enogh, anoh, etc.) OUH ough, ouh, ouz, owgh, owz, (enough, ynouh, enowz, etc.) OW(E) ow(e), ou(e) (enow, plou, ynou, etc.) UH ugh, uh, uz (enugh, ynuh, pluz, etc.) (NER) er(e) (ner, nere, nerr) Examples also include grammatical variants of the above, such as plurals, comparatives and superlatives, as well as segments of nominal compounds, while verbal forms are disregarded.
/ Ge sai le flabel du Denier, / Et du Fouteor a loier, / Et de Gobert et dame Erme, / Qui ainz des eiz ne plora lerme, / Et si sai de la Coille noire; / Si sai de Parceval l'estoire, / Et si sai du Provoire taint / Qui o les crucefiz fu painz; / Du Prestre qui menja les muires / Quant il devoit dire ses heures; / Si sai Richait, si sai Renart ...
Samuel Pick, 'To the Reader', Festum Voluptatis (1639) Eiz to' n leimv na kahisaz e[degrees]drepen eteron e Q' e1/2ter v airo menoz a[degrees]creum' a nhevn a1/2 domena.
There had been some sort of disagreement at KSHE that caused EIz to leave for KADI.
A metallocene compound, rac-ethylenebis(indenyl)zirconium dichloride (rac-Et[(Ind).sub.2]Zr[Cl.sub.2], EIZ), bis(cyclopentadienyl)zirconium dichloride ([Cp.sub.2]Zr[Cl.sub.2], CPZ), was purchased from Aldrich Chem.
Dietmar Gorgmaier, Leiter Europaisches Informationszentrum in der Thuringer Staatskanzlei Europaisches Informations-Zentrum (EIZ) in der Thuringer Staatskanzlei Regierungsstra[sz]e 73 99084 Erfurt, tel: 0361/37 92 - 340, fax: 0361/37 92 - 349, eiz@tsk.thueringen.de www.eu2007.de/en/Meetings_Calendar/Kulturveranstaltungen/March/0306RPKU59.html
For her, according to Oakden, "the diphthonging of eah, eag to eiz is not dialectal in M.E., but the raising to iz" (1930: 26-27).
Several of EIz's current endeavors were not mentioned due to space limitations.