EIZEkonomski Institut, Zagreb (Croatian; Economics Institute, Zagreb; Zagreb, Croatia)
EIZEuropäisches Informationszentrum
EIZExpertisecentrum Informele Zorg (Dutch: Center of Expertise for Informal Care; Netherlands)
EIZEngineering Institute of Zambia
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Pakistan should also need to build its own expertise and experience in EIZs.
Such a lower activity might result from the interaction of an EIZ catalyst with Ti active centers.
1, 3, 5, and 7 in Table 2, the MW of polypropylene increased as the amount of introduced EIZ increased.
The EIZ catalyst itself showed relatively low activity in a modified catalyst.
TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 2 OMITTED] As shown in the above results, the EIZ and Mg[Cl.
He has warned that companies will be deregistered by the EIZ, in the event of their failure to finish the registration process by the one-week time-frame.
All engineering establishment in Zambia are required to abide by the law and register with EIZ, added the EIZ Registrar.
He has also asked all new engineering businesses to complete the EIZ registration process first and then start their activities.
Mwale has requested entities to refrain from forging deals with engineering firms lacking EIZ affiliation.
Sitali said EIZ is currently creating a national, long-term infrastructure strategy to address the country's immediate demand for greater investment in the industry.
EIZ unveiled the infrastructure report card framework last October, that will grade the level of the built infrastructure in selected economic spheres.