EJASEnterprise Java Application Server
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Let (V, o) be an n-dimensional Euclidean Jordan algebra (EJA) with rank r equipped with the standard inner product (x, s) := tr([x.sub.0] s) and assume that K is the symmetric cone related to EJA (V, o).
Since V is EJA, we can consider the matrix representation M(x) = Mx in which M [member of] [R.sup.n x n] is positive semidefinite with respect to the inner product <.,.> in (V, o).
Using EJA, Faybusovich [4] generalized IPMs over non-negative orthant problems to symmetric optimization (SO) problems and SCLCPs.
The EJA (V, o) is a finite dimensional vector space over R equipped with the bilinear map o : (x, y) [right arrow] x o y [xi] V and the standard inner product <x, s> := tr(x o s).
Dr Ejas kader mentioned the delayed healing of fractures and the effects on musculo skeletal systems.