EJCAEdmonton Japanese Community Association (Canada)
EJCAEssex Junior Chess Association
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When interviewed by an EJCA social worker about her placement
Care of European Children] nor EJCA nor any local agency is obliged to
the EJCA started placing young survivors in prolonged institutional
live in New York) necessitated the establishment of a new EJCA unit that
Once again, the EJCA provided USCOM with a variety of services.
the EJCA took responsibility for initiating the search process for
the EJCA delineated a specific placement plan for each survivor.
In addition, the EJCA was the sole body responsible for the initial
The EJCA also supervised the local childcare agencies as they
field visits, special conferences held at the EJCA headquarters in New
From 1934 to 1953, the EJCA took responsibility for the arrival and
The postwar activity of the EJCA was characterized by both