EJFEqual Justice Foundation (Colorado Springs, CO)
EJFEternal Jewish Family (Suffern, NY)
EJFEthiopian Journalists Forum
EJFElectric Jet Factory (Tucson, AZ)
EJFÉlectricité et Jazz de France (French: Electricity and Jazz of France)
EJFEuropean Federation of Journalists
EJFEnvironmental Justice Fund (Oakland, CA)
EJFEuropean Journalism Fellowship
EJFEspoir Junior Féminin (French volleyball club)
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PHH Corporation (NYSE: PHH) has entered into an agreement with EJF Capital LLC, EJF Debt Opportunities Master Fund, L.
Now, the EJF is calling on the United States to downgrade Thailand in the state department's annual Trafficking in Persons report, which grades countries on a three-tiered scale by the intensity of human trafficking.
According to the EJF, Guinea--where fishing accounts for four per cent of GDP and employs 80,000 people--loses US$105million of fish to pirate fishing every year; in Sierra Leone the figure is US$29million, and in Liberia it's US$12million.
com 4: Alice Temperley organic cotton tee for EJF, pounds 30, Oli, www.
Some pesticides are extremely toxic and could directly kill fish or their larvae, inhibit fish reproduction, and reduce aquatic organisms that are important food for fish (Paul and Sinnott 2000; EJF 2002; Johnson and Finley 1980; Koesoemadinata and Djajadiredja 1976).
These "climate refugees" as they are being called, will be displaced by extreme weather events that include storms, hurricanes, floods, heat waves and droughts--weather events that have more than doubled in number over the last 20 years, EJF reports.
These results suggested that EJF has hypoglycemic potential.
The company senior vice president exploration and development, George Read, said, 'This early summary of LDD results for the target EJF kimberlite units within ON-K147/K148 shows that large volumes of diamond bearing kimberlite exist within Orion North and that these units require more detailed evaluation.
One is a black Suzuki, number X646 UOK, and the other is a yellow Kawasaki ZX, number V62 EJF.
EJF stresses the link between protecting the environment and protecting human rights and has made the issue of cotton industry abuse the centerpiece of its campaign.
While the GAA recognizes past abuses and works collaboratively with groups like EJF to further improve global shrimp farming practices, it disputes several points in EJF's report, titled Smash & Grab, beginning with the assertion that shrimp farms are decimating mangroves.