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The handful of quality historians who published in Economica, The Economic Journal and so forth are now replaced by thousands of scholars who once devoted their time to the worthy cause of educating their students but who now choose to meet Soviet production targets by publishing in the excessive number of specialised HET journals (HOPE, JHET, EJHET, HER, HEI, JMHET and so on and so on and, indeed, goodness me
The next two essays in this section are written by Franck Jovanovic, who has already written a piece on Regnault and Lefevre (with Phillipe Le Gall) in a 2001 issue of EJHET.
The two authors further developed this research project in papers delivered before the numerous societies that our North American colleagues are inclined to attend (and the usual institutional suspects may be rounded up here), as well as in articles published in most of the chief outlets devoted to our sub-discipline, such as JHET, EJPE, EJHET, HOPE and JEM.