EJKEspace Jeunesse Kerkennah (French youth group)
EJKextra-judicial killing
EJKÉcole de Judo et de Karaté de Golfe-Juan (French martial arts school)
EJKElite Jedi Knights (gaming clan)
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As if we can suspend disbelief and pretend, in EJK cases, that when a policeman shoots a victim in cold blood, it was part of his official duty.
Many folks have been tracking the EJKs in the Philippines and the trends are going down so there is some encouragement that we are seeing in some of our human rights training working," the Deputy Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement told reporters.
EJK has been one of the major international organizers in Mexico for the past 25 years and is also one of the largest privately held exhibition companies in the world.
EJK, which the EU noted in the 2016 report during the Aquino administration, has remained a thorny one.
READ:Palace defends zero EJKs under Duterte claim of PNP Roque said he expects fewer allegations of human rights violations tied to the illegal drugs drug clampdown.
According to the priests, they were also approached by policemen who have first-hand knowledge about EJKs.
Following the acquisition, EJK will continue to organise the two events in Mexico.
Yung iba hindi naman naniniwala na may EJK dito sa ating bansa?
And, with thousands dead, this gruesome activity has spawned a new term in the popular lexicon: EJK for "extrajudicial killing.