EJNEthical Journalism Network
EJNEurope Jazz Network (est. 1987)
EJNEuropean Judicial Network (EU)
EJNExiled Journalists' Network (University of the West of England; Bristol, England, UK)
EJNEuropean Journal of Neuroscience
EJNEconomic Justice Network (South Africa)
EJNEuropees Justitieel Netwerk (Dutch: European Judicial Network)
EJNEqual Justice Network
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While the mechanics of the website may be easy to use, Pichtr and Aidan White, director of EJN, agree Accountable Journalism is an important website to have in today's overpowering media landscape.
Regarding the EJN, whose communication system will be improved through a safer telecommunications network, MEPs have called for greater data protection, as well as criteria for appointment and training sessions for contact points.
DirectLink offers a solution to providing links into Blackwell's EJN at journal issue level.
The review is built on several proposals: first, to strengthen the role and means of contact points designated by each member state; second, to improve public access to justice; third, to encourage the EJN to adopt a more open attitude to the world; and fourth, to open up the network to the legal professions.
According to the company, Blackwell's has been researching and investigating the best path to carry EJN forward into the new millennium.
EJN provides access to a large collection of electronic journal titles, subscription and access management, and cross-journal searching.
By installing a link from the Blackwell's Electronic Journal Navigator service to the ISI Document Solution, EJN users may readily order articles electronically.
The European lawyers' lobby, the CCBE, has recently written to the Commission, asking for the legal profession to be more involved in EJN.
The EJN is an informal network of contact points specialising in mutual legal assistance and extradition requests - its focus is bilateral cooperation whereas ours is multilateral.