EJVEquity Joint Venture (limited liability company established under Chinese law)
EJVExternal Jugular Vein
EJVElectronic Joint Venture (trading system)
EJVEnterprise Java Victoria (est. 2002; Australia)
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Duplication of EJV. In 3/80 (4%) of the fetal specimens, a duplicated EJV (with an "H" shaped communication joining the two), was located on the sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM).
Caption: Figure 3: Schematic diagram showing the clavicle (C), the internal jugular vein (IJV), external jugular vein (EJV), supraclavicular (SC) branches of cephalic vein, cephalic vein (CV), infraclavicular (IC) branches of cephalic vein, axillary veins (AV), brachiocephalic vein (BC), and superior vena cava (SVC).
Here, a description of a port implantation in a crossover technique, utilising puncture of a rather normalsized left EJV, and subsequently through an anastomosis of the left and right AJV, naming it "anterior jugular arch anastomosis" and with greater enlargement of this than in our case, is presented.
Ant: anterior, Post: posterior, AS: anterior scalene, MS: middle scalene, PS: posterior scalene, CA: carotid artery, IJV: internal jugular vein, EJV: external jugular vein, VA: vertebral artery, SCM: sternocleidomastoid, VN: vagus nerve, LCa: Longus Capitis, and LCo: longus colli.
To sum up, the choice between EJV and CJV structures in R&D JVs resembles the make-or-buy decision with regard to intellectual capital as innovation inputs and outcomes (Pakes and Griliches 1984).
Hypothesis 7: When a focal firm's EO is relatively high, the negative moderation effect of alliance type (EJV or non-EJV) on the relationship between partners' knowledge protection and knowledge spillovers in the alliance becomes stronger (more negative).
(6,17) In our patient, surgery was performed due to an increased in size and increasing pain over the swelling which was suggestive of thrombus formation within the EJV aneurysm.
Pricing is sourced from Thomson Reuters EJV database.
OREDs which are new and have limited knowledge about the market, they can form a joint venture by acquiring the equity interest of a local company engaging in real estate development in form of an Equity Joint Venture (EJV).
Those being a representative office (RO), a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE of WFOE) of an equity joint venture (EJV) in which the direct foreign investment is less than 100%.