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Hypothesis 6: The positive relationship between partners' knowledge protection and knowledge spillovers in an alliance is weaker in EJVs than it is in non-EJVs.
(11) EJVs fell because of dissatisfaction with respect to choice of local partners, board decisions, capital formation, dividend distributions and other matters.
Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, about 70% of FDI in China took the form of JVs including EJVs and CJVs (MOFTEC, various years).
Since the late 1980s, EJVs and WFOEs have predominated over all other types of FDI, accounting for approximately 80 percent of the total foreign capital inflows into China.
It is thus differentiated from previous work, which either utilizes a sample of North American parents (Geringer and Hebert 1991, in their paper, examined a sample of EJVs involving one or more US parents, and a sample of two- and three-parent EJVs located in Canada) or concentrates on alliances in developing countries (Beamish 1987).
In contrast, the mode activity-location set combinations of Jotun, REC Group and Statoil were simpler and more straightforward; typically the combination of WOSs and EJVs, or a WOS and some kind of contract.
Following the worldwide trend, most Singaporean investors have chosen EJVs as their entry mode (Ren, 1996).
The sampling frame is the set of EJVs or NEAs which has an opportunity to be included in the research sample, given the sampling approach that is utilized.
Until the mid-1980s, CJVs generated more investment than EJVs or WFOEs, the other two major forms of foreign invested enterprises (FIEs), in China (China Statistical Yearbook 1987-2001).
The time dimension of the study runs from 1965-1995 with about 49 percent of the EJVs formed prior to 1978.
Equity joint ventures (EJVs) involve the incorporation of a new company in which two or more partners hold an equity stake.