EJZElbe Jeetzel Zeitung (Germany)
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This is a low-status residential complex which is dated by means of pottery comparisons and radiocarbon dates to the post-Akkadian period (EJZ 4c in ARCANE terminology).
Orsi, who dates phase Q of the long area G sequence of that site to the Akkadian period, phase P to the post-Akkadian period (including Ur III, i.e., EJZ 4c-5), and phase O to the early second millennium.
Nicolle presents results of the excavations at Tell Mohammed Diyab, which was abandoned during the EJZ 3b and 4a (late ED and early Akkadian) periods and resettled only late in the Akkadian period (Phase MD XI; EJZ 4b-c).
The development of private households at several regional sites during the EJZ 4-5 periods is the subject of P.
This building is dated to period Leilan lie, contemporary with EJZ 4c.
The material from the Akkadian Administrative Building fits well into the spectrum of EJZ 4a-b pottery defined by the ARCANE group (Rova 2011).