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EKBEurópai Központi Bank (Hungarian: European Central Bank)
EKBEdgeworth-Kuiper Belt
EKBEnterprise Knowledge Base (data management)
EKBEast Kentucky Broadcasting (radio; Pikeville, KY)
EKBEchostar Knowledge Base (informational website)
EKBEmployment Knowledge Base
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Emerald corporate communications executive Nicolle Czternastek says the EKB contains scientific courses, school and university syllabi, browsers, video libraries, and other learning materials.
The interview guide was inspired by the EKB model and included open-ended questions about information-seeking behaviour; during analysis, answers to these questions revealed the importance of environmental factors.
German port operator Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (ETR:HHFA), or HHLA, has agreed to set up a joint venture with Bremen-based transport company EKB Container Logistik.
EKB model is primarily divided into information input & processing, decision variables (internal and external) and decision process, of which the decision process is the focus of research, and the others are influential factors in the decision process.
An EKB, then, is a domain-oriented information access tool, in which users can navigate using a Web browser.
The nation's largest single-family builder is rushing headfirst into the digital age with a brand-new division, EKB.
Although I have met EKB (as Brathwaite is fondly known to those most familiar to him) on a few occasions in the Caribbean and elsewhere, I never met Zea--and wished I had.
The EKB model views consumer behavior as a five-stage decision process which describes the information processing behavior from problem recognition and information search to evaluating choice alternatives and making a choice.
The last two steps of the EKB model (choice and outcomes) are the focus of consumer complaint behaviour research|11~.
Tenders are invited for purchase of sports equipment (Balls volleyball MIKASA MVA 200 (according to the official regulations of the EKB and the position of national competitions volleyball BFV) or equivalent; Balls volleyball MIKASA MVA 300 or analog Balls volleyball MIKASA VLS 300 (according to the official regulations EKB and the provisions of national competitions in volleyball BFV) or equivalent, professional volleyball nets, complete with antenna and pockets for antennas, trolleys for balls volleyball)
As the leading provider of primary, preparatory, and secondary content for the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, we have been working closely with the Ministry of Education on products and services being provided as part of the EKB.