EKCCEastern Kentucky Correctional Complex
EKCCEastern Kings Chamber of Commerce (Kentville, NS)
EKCCEast Kilbride Cricket Club (Scotland)
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Havens was unable to reach EKCC by vehicle because of the massive amounts of debris on the roadway and the overall path of destruction left by the tornado.
In a twist of fate, Havens soon learned that they were the aunt and uncle of a fellow EKCC employee and friend, David Bradley.
QLP also prompted a similar change in EKCC's customer service team, which fields as many as 1,000 calls a week from customers with leasing questions and problems.
Eleanor Sloan, Secretary of EKCC, said: "We welcome all the new projects to our area and it is exciting to see the changes that are happening, and although there are times when these changes can be stressful for us and our daily routines, on the whole we are a community behind this project.
In October 1994, the Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded the American Correctional Association (ACA) a grant to conduct a training program for staff and inmates at EKCC, a medium security institution in West Liberty, Ky.