EKIAEnemy Killed in Action
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Oda Ki Ekia (Here and There) is directed by Lukasz Walewski and Elena Agathokleous.
The high tension gripping the room had finally been broken by confirmation relayed by CIA chief Leon Panetta that the status of bin Laden -- codenamed "Geronimo" -- was now "EKIA": Enemy Killed in Action.
Ekia, a new French brand, claims that 99% of its ingredients are natural or of natural origin.
A few minutes later came the words: "Geronimo EKIA" - which meant Enemy Killed In Action.
This makes metrics for winning the population nearly impossible to record, and the pressure to demonstrate success through metrics provokes many leaders to place secondary efforts on the population and primary effort on generating enemy killed in action (EKIA).
To conceal the potentially unpleasant repercussions of these strikes, the administration--when not stonewalling attempts at transparency entirely--classifies these deaths as "enemies killed in action," or EKIAs, though it is actually often unsure of these people's identities.