EKLEarl K. Long Medical Center (Louisiana)
EKLEvangelisches Kirchenlexikon (German)
EKLEngineering Kinetics Ltd. (est. 1982)
EKLEesti Kirjanike Liidu (Estonian: Estonian Writers' Union)
EKLElectrolux Kelvinator, Ltd. (India)
EKLEuroopa Kohtu Lahendid (Estonian: European Court Reports)
EKLElectronic Key Line
EKLEiropas Kustiba Latvija (Latvian: European Movement Latvia)
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202) EKL suggest that civil liberties cases may have a lower rate of
with the Martin-Quinn scores, for example, EKL seem to accept the notion
Aunque la OTAN y el EKL tenian un acuerdo firmado para entregar todas la armas, para agosto ya habia mas de 200 serbios muertos y otros tantos desaparecidos.
29) If an insulted person does not react to an insult with a demand for satisfaction, the demand could and should be made on his behalf by another person, most likely a member of the same Corps or of another EKL Corps.
All Corps members were forbidden from having mensuurs with members of other EKL Corps.
EKL managed an early break-through by winning contacts of very specialized nature with multinational companies.
Imestati, kuidas saab vorrelda kunstnikele tehtavaid maksusoodustusi pollumeestele jagatavatega ning miks kaib EKL sarnaselt parteidega uhiskondlike organisatsioonide seaduse alla.
EKL has lived upto its promise and has accumulated an impressive record of successfully completed projects.
BATTLE FOR POSITIONS: Action from round three of the EKL at Ellough Park
The next round of the EKL takes place at Clay Pigeon, Dorset on July 22.
The next round of EKL takes place at Ellough Park, Norfolk, on June 10.
And Ekls filing suggests USA Volleyball could wind up expelling Butler from its ranks on a procedural matter.