EKMEncryption Key Manager
EKMEidgenössische Kommission für Migrationsfragen (German: Federal Commission for Migration Issues; Switzerland)
EKMElectronic Keyboard Music (sheet music)
EKMEngineering Knowledge Manager (ANSYS, Inc.)
EKMEncryption Key Manager (IBM)
EKMEnterprise Knowledge Management
EKMEnterprise Key Management
EKMEmond, Kozina, Mulvey (Canadian architecture firm)
EKMEducation and Knowledge Management (UN World Tourism Organization)
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CA EKM automatically replicates encryption keys across a set of local and dispersed hosts via SSL-encrypted TCP/IP, so that keys can quickly and transparently be recovered in case of a disaster, hardware errors or a system outage.
Laboratories are aggressively embracing automation technologies with the capabilities to revolutionize research practices and add functionality to the process," said Richard Stember, CEO of EKM Corporation's Scientific Division.