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EKMSElectronic Key Management System
EKMSEmbassy Key Management Server (Wave Systems Corp; software)
EKMSEnterprise Knowledge Management System
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EKMS III 628 Rippuma), die man in anderen lexikographischen Quellen des Estnischen nicht erfasst hat.
Peatoimetaja Iris Metsmagi, Tallinn 2012; EKMS I--IV--A.
The first step in this project was to identify the stakeholders in the process, which include the Navy COMSEC Material System (NCMS), COMSEC Material Issuing Office (CMIO), NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC) Norfolk, NAVSUP WSS, NAVSUP Headquarters, EKMS Managers, and MALS-40.
In the CI-3 timeframe, the intention of the DoD Key Management Infrastructure Program Office is to discontinue the use of EKMS Tier 0 and Tier 1 operations once FOC for CI-3 is achieved (Beyond FY2015.
Mulenbacha Latvieu valodas vardnicai I-II, Riga 1934-1946; EKMS I-IV--A.
Converges EKMS and KMI from the ECU and End User viewpoint
The starting point for KMI will be to leverage EKMS Phase V capabilities as a baseline.
In preparation for the migration from EKMS to KMI, NSA (I5) is hosting KMI transition meetings to help the user community map the transition from the EKMS to the future KMI system.