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EKVExoatmospheric Kill Vehicle
EKVEntwicklung Konstruktion Vertrieb (German: Development Construction Sales)
EKVErythrokeratodermia Variabilis
EKVEnz-Krummenacher-Vittoz (model)
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Investing in improving existing systems -- the EKV prominent among them -- is the most effective way to meet these threats.
Enz, Krummenacher, and Vittoz, the EKV approach to metal-oxide semiconductor (MOS) transistor modeling was developed with the motivation of having a model that accurately predicts behavior in all regions of operation (from weak to strong inversion) in a consistent way.
how EKV is coordinating and engaging local actors and local steward associations in the knowledge generation and ecosystem management process.
Supor EKV filter cartridges are made by the patented Ultipleat[R] membrane pleating technology to form a filter pack that allows up to 50% greater filtration area and better flow distribution in the membrane cartridge.
In late 1998--after 8 years of funding and administering parallel research an development contracts for an EKV for National Missile Defense and 2 months prior to the scheduled completion of the competition--BMDO abandoned its planned competition to select the most promising EKV for use in follow-on missile defense programs.
The first successful GBI test firing took place in October 1999, and the fourth success (in six attempts) occurred in March 2002, when an EKV launched from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands destroyed the simulated warhead of a Minuteman fired from Vandenberg AFB in California, 7700 km away.
The BMC3 would ultimately launch the interceptor booster, a rocket carrying the "exoatmospheric kill vehicle" -- EKV -- to the point of interception of the incoming missile.
The Welch panel noted the "hardware-poor" nature of the EKV program, and pointed out that the EKV may not be able to withstand the shock loads once mounted on the actual Ground Based Interceptor booster to be used in the NMD system.
The gist of the discussion is that the EKV sees balloon decoys and warheads as unresolved points of light, and then tries to distinguish which are warheads and which are not by analyzing how these points of light change in time.
An interpretation of MOS modeling for the analog designer, motivated by the EKV MOS model, using tabulated hand expressions and figures that give performance and tradeoffs for the design choices of drain current, inversion coefficient, and channel length; performance includes effective gate-source bias and drain-source saturation voltages, transconductance efficiency, transconductance distortion, normalized drain-source conductance, capacitances, gain and bandwidth measures, thermal and flicker noise, mismatch, and gate and drain leakage current
His most recent role as vice president of Raytheon's A&MDS product line included leadership of the Company's Standard Missile-3, Standard Missile-6, Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV), Redesigned EKV (RKV) and Israeli Cooperative Programs, as well as Advanced Kill Vehicles and European Missile Defense efforts.