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EL2Extracellular Loop Region
EL2Embryo Fibroblast Line
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EL2 observes and reflects on the subtle differences across the seemingly homogenous Chinese team over time.
EMS, ES2, ELC2 and EL2 units include microprocessor control of the remover and interface to the molding machine.
EL2 is a large 78 amino acid loop connecting TM3 and TM4, a region associated with uptake blocker binding and substrate translocation.
Test Method for the EL2 Deep Donor Concentration in Semi-Insulating GaAs Single Crystals by Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy
The driveline system front axle features an AAM TracRite EL2 differential and the rear axle features an AAM TracRite GTL limited slip differential.
The EL2 and EL4 models offer all of the smart battery management features in the slim-line package, and are equipped with two battery-powered outlets, a fax/modem surge suppressor, and a fault alarm when the battery is undercharged or overloaded.