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EL2Embryo Fibroblast Line
EL2Extracellular Loop Region
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EL2 was a small lineage (8 isolates), but these isolates were from both periods and both states.
Hall (WAM T98525); 1 [male], same data except site EL2, 26[degrees]31'39"S, 113[male]31'40"E (WAM T142985); 1 [male], same data (WAM T142986); 1 [male], Nanga Station, site NA4 (IBRA_YAL), 26[degrees]32'47.3"S, 113[degrees]57'47.0"E, wet pitfall trap, 11 May-30 August 1995, N.
ekey2 was applied to the encryption of (Frames of EL2 less the Frames of EL1) (4)
The following programs would typically run in these modes, as described in the ARM Architecture Reference Manual (DI-1404): EL0, applications; ELI, the OS kernel and associated functions that are typically described as privileged; EL2, the hypervisor; and EL3, a secure monitor.
According to our docking simulation, silibinin binds to TM2 (Asp97), TM5 (Gln200), TM7 (Glu288) and EL2 (Cysl86 and Aspl87).
Two groups (n = 8) of ELs were packed in polystyrene boxes, covered with wet wood wool, and placed in a cold-storage room (4[degrees]C) for 24 hours (EL1) and 72 hours (EL2).
In this comparison, EL1 and EL2 have differing views about whether the issue is simply a matter of personality differences or certain fundamental cultural differences in the HCN groups they managed (See Table 2).