ELAHEEverybody Loves A Happy Ending (Tears for Fears music album)
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Named for linguist Elahe Omidyar Mir-Djalali, the fellowship will promote research on the linguistic heritage of Iran, focused on Persian and Iranian languages.
(8.) Elahe Izadi, "George Lucas Wants to Build Affordable Housing on His Land Because 'We've Got Enough Millionaires,'" Washington Post, April 17, 2015, https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/04/17/george-lucas-wants-to-build-affordablc-housing-on-his-land-becausc-weve-got-enough-millionaircs/?utm_term=.fda02b79985d.
For example, the use of mathematical modeling in water treatment process foregrounds the study of variations in costs and inputs at various stages, including clotting, according to operating conditions (Malzer & Strugholtz, 2008; Mostafa, Bahareh, Elahe, & Pegah, 2013; Ogwueleka & Ogwueleka, 2009).
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Survey population: visitors of Seyhoon, Afrand, Aran, Homa and Elahe art galleries.
Still, the crowd was in good spirits when the show's host, another WaPo reporter, Elahe Izadi, emerged to announce the winner.