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ELASTICEducation for Latex Allergy/Support Team and Information Coalition
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It was very different from the circulation of the fluid in the elastic bag, containing the thin extremity of the axis.
Tess sprang like an elastic ball from his side to her feet while her face flushed and her eyes shone in the firelight.
And again the boat appeared and the Fay, but about the attitude of the latter there was more of care and uncertainty and less of elastic joy.
On his bald head was perched a little, round, red cap held in place by a rubber elastic underneath his chin.
The arm seemed stretching out longer end longer like a thick elastic, and the unfortunate monkey's mates were raising a terrible din.
She had her work under her arm in a substantial parcel, and when Anne asked her to stay she promptly took off her capacious sun-hat, which had been held on her head, despite irreverent September breezes, by a tight elastic band under her hard little knob of fair hair.
"How'd you like Huldy's dress, Delia?" she asked, snapping the elastic in her black jet bracelets after an irritating fashion she had.
The lamps across his streets had a portentously elastic swing with them.
An hour's repose had snatched, from his elastic frame, the weariness with which many hours of toil had burdened it.
An Indian, of an active elastic form, leaped into a light canoe of cotton-wood, and vigorously plying the paddle, soon shot across the river.
He treads the earth with a very elastic step as he walks away from her, and makes light of all difficulties.