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ELATEmbolism in Left Atrial Thrombi (cardiology)
ELATEnzyme-Linked Antiglobulin Test
ELATElectrification of the Atmosphere
ELATEcole de Lutte Anti-Tsetse
ELATEnterprise Logistics Analysis Tool (US DoD)
ELATExtremely Low Acquisition Time
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The eLAT indicators are collecting and visualizing data of students to present them to teachers.
Development chef at Cafe Royal, Darren James Lawton, left, with head chef Cevat Robert Elat, right, and students from Newcastle College
Elat on the Gulf is a well-developed beach resort that provides some excellent water recreation in the clear water of the Gulf of Aquaba.
If time and politics allow, he'd like to bird in four places: South Africa; Kenya; Beidaihe, on China's Yellow Sea; and Elat, Israel.
But this is hard for people to accept and the government has set up a campaign which is more focused on Elat, which is far away from the problems in the West Bank and Gaza.
Biologist Reuven Yosef, now the director of the International Ornithological Center in Elat, Israel, set out to test the theory that the bigger the billboard, the better the results.
In the area of Elat most rains are convective (Sharon, 1972).
The place known in Arabic as Kuntillet Ajrud, "Solitary Hill of the Wells," can be found in the northeastern region of the Sinai Peninsula, at a place where important caravan routes once intersected, including the north-south route from Gaza, on the Mediterranean coast, to Elat, on the Gulf of Aqaba.
The more Hiro Protagonist learns about the virus, the less often he calls it "snow crash" and terms it instead the disease of "Asherah," the original mother, known in various cultures under different names such as Elat, Dione, Rhea, Tannit, and Eve.
The Property Transfer ELAT is an effective solution for this circumstance.