ELBLEastern Loudoun Basketball League (Sterling, VA)
ELBLEastern Lubricants Blenders Limited (Bangladesh)
ELBLExtended Line-by-Line (computing)
ELBLEast Liberty Branch Library (East Liberty, OH)
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The value of the property was estimated at nearly 12 million z?, but after the discount applied, Elbl?g municipality bought the land at a preferential price of 4.1 million z?.
Although some studies have shown that incidence of clinically significant cardiotoxicity increases progressively post-therapy [5,6,8], Elbl et al did not report significant relation between parameters of left ventricular systolic function and length of follow-up or age at diagnosis; and said that probably more follow up would be needed [16].
Obviously stung by Galloway's indictment, but heartened by the Elbls' defense, in his "Afterword" Hudson vigorously and effectively argues for the authenticity of the Elvas narrative.
Sobczyk, W.L., Solinger, R.E., Rees, A.H., and Elbl, F.: Transtelephonic Echocardiography: Successful Use in a Tertiary Pediatric Referral Center.
Neste sentido, o objetivo do estudo foi avaliar os atributos quimicos de um Latossolo Bruno distrofico tipico em funcao da adubacao organica com esterco liquido de bovinos de leite (ELBL) e com fertilizantes minerais.
1200-1271), for instance, was made in Lawrin Armstrong, "Law, Ethics and Economy: Gerard of Siena and Giovanni d'Andrea on Usury', in Lawrin Armstrong, Ivana Elbl, and Martin Elbl, Money, Markets and Trade in Late Medieval Europe: Essays in Honour of John H.
Many plant derived compounds inhibit in vitro ACE activity including proanthocyanidins (Inokuchi et al., 1986; Wagner, 1993; Wagner and Elbl, 1992), tannins (Ueno et al., 1988), phenylpropanes (Yamadaki and Shimoyama, 1993), peptides (Wagner, 1993; Kinoshita et al., 1993), cyclooctapeptides (Li et al., 2004), xanthones (Chen and Lin, 1992), fatty acids (Morota et al., 1987), terpenoids (Morigiwa et al., 1986); alkaloids (Ogino et al., 1988) and flavonoids (Wagner, 1993; Hansen et al., 1996; Lacaille-Dubois et al., 2001).
Ivana Elbl, "The Bull Romanus Pontifex (1455) and the Early European Trading in Sub-Saharan Atlantic Africa" Portuguese Studies Review 17 (1) (2009, publ.
There are a few methods described for the in vitro screening of inhibitors of ACE and the one proposed by Elbl and Wagner (1991) and further improved by Braga et al.
As they do not belong to the original perimeter, the two towers further east along the north face of the new demi-bastion are not discussed here (see Elbl, Portuguese Tangier).