ELCANErnest Leitz of Canada (optics products)
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Caption: The cheek-riser is useful when shooting with optics such as this ELCAN 4x32mm.
"Ultimately, we're just offering more solutions to customers through additional capacity and additional services," Elcan said.
Caption: Raytheon Elcan's latest product, the Spectre TR 1-3-9, is an optical sight boasting three different magnifications, xl, x3 and x9.
Raytheon and JPMorgan did not wish to comment to Reuters.Country: , USASector: Aerospace/DefenceTarget: Raytheon ELCAN Optical TechnologiesBuyer: FLIR Systems IncVendor: Raytheon CompanyDeal size in USD: 300mType: DivestmentStatus: Speculation, Auction
Depending on the unit, you'll see ACOGs, M68 CCOs (Close Combat Optics), ELCANs or the EOTech.
(fined $35,000 in 2002), and Elcan Optical Technologies (fined $25,000 in 2002).
Bellingham Take-Out Express, Dupont & Elcan, 1344 King St.
Chief, Minority & Women Outreach Program: Bob Elcan
For example, Taber was named by Mormon settlers; next to it is the community of Elcan. The two words, with Elcan spelled backwards, became Tabernacle.
Other than one member, the spouse of an employee, ours is an eclectic group of coworkers employed by ELCAN, a division of Raytheon Corporation.
"It's from Elcan, a subsidiary." You knew Raytheon had subsidiaries ...
801 17th St., NW, Room 1250 Washington, DC 20434 Chief, Minority & Women Outreach Program: Bob Elcan Phone: (202) 416-2457, Fax: (202) 416-2466