ELCDEuropean Reference Life Cycle Data System
ELCDEvaporative Loss Control Device (anti-vapour lock device)
ELCDEvangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
ELCDElectroconductivity Detector (for Chromatography)
ELCDEarly Lung Cancer Detection Program
ELCDEarly Learning and Child Development Branch (Ministry of Children and Youth Services; Ontario, Canada)
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Incluso, se describe el origen de este musculo de forma conjunta desde: tercio inferior de la cara medial del perone, parte vecina de la membrana interosea de la pierna y tabique intermuscular anterior de la pierna que lo separa de los musculos peroneos; nace por medio de fibras musculares habitualmente confundidas con fasciculos inferiores del ELCD.
The agency also specifies the areas in which it will develop collaboration with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and with the Institute for a Sustainable Environment: the transfer of the land data centre to the JRC; collaboration with EIS architecture; reference to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive; collaboration in the areas of water evaluation (by means of agro-environmental indicators); the development of the subjacent framework for sustainability indicators founded on the lifecycle and a European reference life cycle data system (ELCD) and, lastly, the work of the JRC and the other services of the Commission regarding the implementation of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and the Energy Observatory.
The electrolytic conductivity detector (ELCD) reduces halogen compounds eluting from a GC to HX in a high temp catalytic converter.