ELCEEvangelical Lutheran Church of England (UK)
ELCEElectrical and Computer Engineering
ELCEEnglish Language Competency Exam (Trinity Western University; Langley, British Columbia, Canada)
ELCEEnglish Literacy and Civics Education (grant program; various states)
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Visit OutStart (booth #414) at ELCE to discuss how OutStart enterprise learning solutions can help build smarter organizations.
ELCE water activation's ability to remove scale generates another significant customer benefit.
Our strategy is to also partner with local companies who specialize in different industrial sectors since ELCE technology has other capabilities beyond our important business advantages in heating and cooling installations.
Given Freshwater's already growing heating and cooling systems applications and exploration of other commercial/industrial applications for the unique aspects of ELCE water activation, our crop improvement capabilities represent yet another exciting opportunity for the Company.
Freshwater's ELCE units replace the cost, wear and tear of harsh chemical treatments, have minimal installation and service requirements and carry a ten year manufacturer's guarantee.
ELCE technology is based on the principles of water activation.
Successful shrimp larvae tests in Panama proved that ELCE activated water created larger and healthier shrimp larvae in a shorter period of time.
The ELCE activator technology increased larvae size up to 20%, and boosted the survival rate of the shrimp larvae from 70% to 92%.
ELCE MISSION-PERU: ELCE activated water treatment solutions were proposed to a major fish meal producer for use both on board fishing ships and on shore processing plants.
OTCBB:OZLU), Toronto based international distributor of environmentally friendly water treatment systems is pleased to announce initial sales of approximately USD$100,000 of ELCE International water activation systems in Costa Rica and Canada.
OTCBB:OZLU), Toronto-based international distributor of water treatment systems, is pleased to announce it has concluded acquisition of exclusive Canadian and Costa Rican marketing rights to the patented water activation devices of ELCE International Inc.
OTCBB:OZLU), Toronto-based international marketer and distributor of water treatment systems, is pleased to announce progress on the acquisition of exclusive Canadian marketing rights to the water activation products of ELCE International Inc.