ELCPEmulated Loop Control Protocol
ELCPExtended Linear Complementarity Problem
ELCPEastern Lithuania Cardiology Project (est. 2004)
ELCPEnglish Language and Culture Program
ELCPEducational Leadership and Counseling Psychology (Washington State University)
ELCPEarly Learning Coalition of Pinellas County, Inc. (Clearwater, FL)
ELCPEskaton Lodge Cameron Park (assisted living facility; California)
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The collected samples will be analyzed by a Florida Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Certified Program (DoH ELCP) accredited environmental laboratory (as required by grant agreement).
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"All laboratory testing activities must be performed by laboratories certified by the Florida Department of Health Environmental Laboratory Certification Program (DoH ELCP) for all applicable matrix/method/analyte combinations to be measured.
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1.1.2 Certification - The Contractor and any subcontractor generating environmental data shall hold a primary or secondary National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) certification from the Department of Health (DOH) Environmental Laboratory Certification Program (ELCP).