ELCREquestrian Land Conservation Resource
ELCRExcess Lifetime Cancer Risk (human health risk assessment)
ELCREdge/Level Control Register (computing)
ELCREvangelical Lutheran Church of the Resurrection
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To determine the [c.sub.F], the ELCR of exposure to heavy-duty diesel vehicles emission, which consists of both UFPs and coarse particles, as reported in an epidemiological study (Albert et al.
The ELCR under continuous exposure to 1 [micro]g/[m.sup.3] (6.243 x [10.sup.-11] lbs/[ft.sup.3]) of heavy-duty diesel vehicle emission estimated by Equation 3 is 5.32 x [10.sup.-7], which is only 29.6% of the value reported in the epidemiological study of Albert et al.
Based on the particle concentration data and factoring the exposure period of the occupants in each day, the ELCR of the occupants were assessed.
To compare the ELCR assessed from the two schemes to the lung cancer incidence rate in Hong Kong, the attributable risk (AR) of exposure to cooking emission was considered.
The average ELCR assessed from the modified scheme, 1.52 x [10.sup.-4], is much closer to this value than the one assessed from the conventional scheme, 6.21 x [10.sup.-8].
As the UFP and [PM.sub.2.5] concentrations do not only depend on the ventilation rate but also on the cooking method and the food ingredients used, association between ACH and ELCR was not clearly seen in this work, indicating that ventilation rate was only one of the many influencing parameters on ELCR.
Parameter Value ELCR 1.8 x [10.sup.-6] under continuous exposure to 1 Mg/[m.sup.3] (6.243 x [10.sup.-11] lbs/ [ft.sup.3]) of emission (Albert et al.