ELDIEast Liberty Development, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA)
ELDIEducators Leadership Development Institute (Grand Rapids, MI)
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ELDI's aim is to secure the building and make it safe for the neighborhood.
Species Study Age classes discriminated Boreal caribou Ball 2010 calf, yearling, Rangifer tarandus adult caribou Elk Cervus elaphus Bubenik 1982, juvenile, adult Alvarez 1994 Fallow deer Dama Alvarez 1994 calf, juvenile, dama adult Greater bilby Southgate 2005 immature, mature Macrotis lagotis Manipur Khan and Goyal 1993 five age classes brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi eldi Moose Alces alces MacCracken and Van yearling, adult Ballenberghe 1987 Mule deer Odocoileus Sanchez-Rojas et al.
(2003) determinaron, en tres subespecies de Cervus eldi del sudeste asiatico (C.
Ok er mal koma i dom, kvaddi Arnkell ser bjargkvidar ok foerdi pat til varna, at braelarnir varu teknir med kveykdum eldi til boejarbrenna.
ELDI Limited, which provides gardening opportunities at an allotment, was given nearly pounds 10,000.
Loosed into the world, the Rosa Eldi is regaining lost memories, while her male counterpart awakens to life.
Tortilla with Iman Bay Eldi (Turkish aubergine paste)Pitta bread with Aivar (paprika and pepper spread)
For example, the more endangered mammal taxa (e.g., golden lion tamarins, Leontopithecus rosalia; Pere David's deer, Elaphurus davidianus; Eld's deer, Cervus eldi thamin; scimitar-horned oryx, Oryx dammah; Speke's gazelle, Gazella spekei) listed in Ralls et al.
There are a few slips: read, e.g., eldi (34), Hallsson (51), misthleopum (133), worda (146), and geomuru (219, 232); vini is accusative plural, not singular (27); |water' and |wits' have changed place on page 22; construe frode faeder lare as |father's wise teaching', not |teaching of your wise father' (147).
2001: Ecology and social organization of a tropical deer (Cervus eldi thamin).--Journal of Mammalogy 82 (3): 836-847.
* ELDI Ltd runs a gardening project on an allotment site in Dewsbury for elderly and disabled people.
Indeed, Khan & Goyal (1993) concluded that one pellet measurement alone was not sufficient to predict the age of an individual, however, a combination of length, maximum width and weight measurements were able to predict the age in female Manipur brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi eldi.