ELDSEducationally Less Developed States (Nigeria)
ELDSEarly Learning and Development Standards
ELDSEnhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (open path gas detection; Senscient, Ltd.)
ELDSExchange Line Data Service
ELDSEmbedded Linux Developer Suite (software)
ELDSEquipment Logistics Data Sheet
ELDSElectric Launcher Drive System
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It was no more the withered limb of eld than my own; it was a rounded supple member, with smooth fingers, symmetrically turned; a broad ring flashed on the little finger, and stooping forward, I looked at it, and saw a gem I had seen a hundred times before.
OEDIPUS Dear son of Aegeus, to the gods alone Is given immunity from eld and death; But nothing else escapes all-ruinous time.
'It is possible, sir, that the rope might not have 'eld. Mr Barstowe, if I might say so, sir, is one of those himpetuous literary pussons, and possibly he homitted to see that the knot was hadequately tied.
Once ELDs eventually take effect, the subsequent impact is expected to be significant for the trucking sector, too, especially in the form of much tighter capacity, with Seidl noting that trucking industry stakeholders are anticipating lost capacity anywhere from 8 percent to up to 20 percent as a direct result of ELD implementation.
There remains misinformation in the marketplace about ELDs and who is required to operate with one, and there is another deadline coming Dec.
"This industry has come a long way since ELDs went mainstream," responds Joey Hartley, a former Pentagon computer analyst and current CTO at Puryear Tank Lines.
Donald Broughton, principal and managing partner of Broughton Capital, who has decades of experience analyzing the trucking industry, says that the next phase of the mandate beginning in December "may end up being just as disruptive" as when ELDs were first required in all trucks two years ago.
The next deadline facing the industry is December 16, 2019, when the federal government's ELD rules will further tighten, requiring the grandfathered-in AOBRD users to also switch to ELDs.
* A rule for the mandatory use of ELDs by drivers that requires preparing hours of service (HOS) as a part of Records Of Duty Status (RODS);
ELDs improve the process by automatically recording hours of service on an in-cab device, which is connected directly to the truck's engine.
An ELD automatically records driving time and monitors engine hours, vehicle movement, miles driven, and location information.
mandated ELDs in December and implementation is expected to be complete by late 2017.