ELECAMElections Cameroon
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In December 2006, the President enacted the law creating Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), an independent body in principle that is responsible for the organization, management, and supervision of all election operations and referendums.
"President Paul Biya is responding to the call of the people to run again as president," Gregoire Owona, deputy secretary-general of the CPDM, told reporters at the office of the election body Elecam.
You can't visit your chosen elephant sponsee, either, but you just may be able to spot them on the EleCam, which follows the wanderings of The Elephant Sanctuary's 20 residents around their 2,700-acre natural-habitat preserve in Tennessee.
Furthermore, on 7 February 2012, the Electoral Board 'Elecam', the national operator, announced plans to revise voter registration lists for the forthcoming legislative and municipal elections.