ELECTZElectrosurgical Loop Excision of the Cervical Transformation Zone (excisional procedure)
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Subjects with abnormal cervical Pap smears, colposcopic evidence of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), or an unsatisfactory colposcopic examination were treated by simple ELECTZ or ELECTZ conization ("cowboy hat").
Forty-eight women were enrolled in the study and had "see and treat" ELECTZ.
Fifteen simple ELECTZ and 33 ELECTZ conization procedures were performed.
See and Treat" Cytologic Findings ELECTZ Histologic Findings Atypia, n LGSIL, n HGSIL, n
See and Treat" Colposcopic Impression ELECTZ Histology LGSIL, n HGSIL, n Other, n Negative(*) 13 2 1 LGSIL 7 1 2 HGSIL 4 16 0 Total 24 19 3
Of the 48 women who had "see and treat" ELECTZ, complete data were available for 29 women who returned for at least one follow-up examination.
1] The common learning errors and preclinical psychomotor skills acquisition of physicians learning the ELECTZ procedure have also been described.
Inclusion criteria were a minimum age of 16 years, cytologic, colposcopic, or histologic evidcnce of cervical dysplasia, and informed consent to undergo the ELECTZ procedure.
Data were collected on all patients scheduled for ELECTZ procedures during the 2-year enrollment and follow-up study period at each of the five sites.
If an ELECTZ conization was necessary, the power was reduced and a 10-mm X 10-mm loop electrode was used to excise the tissue surrounding the endocervical canal in a similar fashion.
One microinvasive cancer and one invasive cancer were detected in the ELECTZ specimens.
The ELECTZ and ELECTZ conization techniques were compared for procedural complications (Table 3).