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ELEKTRAEnhanced Learning Experience and Knowledge Transfer (European Research project)
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The curtain rose to reveal a burnt red backdrop and a raised, raked stage--physically aslant, descending from left to right and literally putting the familial house of Elektra off-kilter.
Elektra is a one-act opera sung in German with projected English translations.
The Elektra awards recognize achievements of individuals and companies, and are designed to promote best practice in product and business innovation, sales growth, and employee motivation.
Elektra's ratings are supported by its market position in the retail business as one of Mexico's main department store chains, operational and financial linkage with Banco Azteca S.A.
Fresh and original language catches the reader's eye, as when Elektra describes the beach as a "gritty Martian landscape where patches of a low, reddish green plant spread like a nameless disease." Quirky characters include a lawyer-turned-poet who likes to party, a retired madam, and an old soldier who still stands guard.
Hofmannsthal and Strauss's adaptation of the story focuses tightly on Elektra, single-mindedly expressing her emotions and psychology as she meets with other characters, mostly one at a time.
I can relate to Elektra's character, and I think a lot of people can, this woman who has dedicated her life to avenging her father's death.
The Elektra awards recognise excellence in Europe's electronics industry.
With a unanimous decision of the festival jury, "Elektra", a production of the Macedonian National Theater from Skopje directed by Andriy Zholdak, was proclaimed the best theater performance.
"Normally, we're very chatty," sighs Elektra Kilbey, 23, fiddling with her blonde tresses.