ELEQEarly Life Events Questionnaire
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MHT: chemical (CHEM), machinery (MACH), electrical equipment (ELEQ), automotive (AUTO) and other transportation equipment (OTEO).
It is a comprehensive archaeological report of excavations that Hirschfeld conducted over fourteen years at two sites located at the northern edge of Caesarea's municipal limits, some four to five miles north of the city--one, a fortified estate manor at Horvat 'Aqav, the other an elaborate fortress unit, including an aqueduct, a bathhouse complex, and a variety of agricultural installations at Horvat 'Eleq. In over seven hundred pages, the authors, most of whom were members of the archaeological team that Hirschfeld assembled, present and analyze the findings in their own areas of expertise, ranging from architecture and stratigraphy to pottery and glass, and from geography and literature to numismatics and metallurgy.