ELEREverybody Loves Eric Raymond (webcomic)
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Using the ELERs in Table 2, we calculate 2012 METRs for the three policy scenarios, as well as a 2012 METR with BET excluded (Table 3).
The association ELER helps children in an intensive care unit.
Elers was using the local red clay, as they had always done, but by refining it and turning it on a lathe, produced tableware of such quality that it won the nickname 'red porcelain'.
Its form is reminiscent of the red stoneware vessels being produced by the German brothers David and John Phillip Elers in London and Staffordshire in the 1680s in imitation of Chinese models.
The Dutch Elers brothers and John D wight, of FuUiam, were among the early pioneers but Josiah Wedgwood was perhaps the master.
The Dutch Elers brothers, and John Dwight of Fulham, were among the early pioneers but Josiah Wedgwood was perhaps the master.
Elers said that the company's board of directors will consider the notice from Noranda at its next regular meeting, to be held on Feb.
Elers said the company has initiated short term detoxification measures approved by the Mined Land Reclamation Division of the state of Colorado, and that it is working with the state on long term modifications.
Elers will be working with a committee of the Board to review both internal and external candidates in order to select a new CEO.
The service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, elers greater piece of mind knowing established names such as Barclays Merchant Services and CyberCash are behind it.
Elers has become the non-executive chairman of the company following his election to retire as an executive of the company under terms of the retirement program and "change of control" severance agreements triggered by its merger with Hemlo Gold Mines Inc.
Elers said the fourth quarter loss was primarily the result of unusually high income tax charges totaling $25 million; $6.