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ELFAEquipment Leasing and Finance Association
ELFAEuropean Law Faculties Association (est. 1995; Bonn, Germany)
ELFAEnzyme Linked Fluorescent Assay (biochemistry)
ELFAEcono Lodge Franchisee Association
ELFAEnglish Language for Adults (education)
ELFAElectron Linac for Acceleration
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ELFA forecasts the following Top 10 Equipment Acquisition Trends for 2017:
Two closets include ELFA built-in storage plus 57 s/f walk-in closet across the hall.
El libro consta de 8 capitulos en los que la autora ofrece al lector aspectos teoricos que representan la base de su investigacion y argumentos, asi como tambien ejemplos tomados de ELFA que ilustran interacciones reales en contextos academicos a nivel universitario.
Another simplification strategy found in ELF appears to be "use the negative prefix of your choice": ELFA and VOICE include, among others, disbenefits, discrease, injust, inofficial, intransparency, uncapable, undirectly, unpossible, unrespect and unsecure.
gondii IgG titer >1 IU/mL) were subsequently analyzed using two different automated assays: CLIA (LIAISON[R], DiaSorin--Saluggia, Italy) and ELFA (VIDAS[R], bioMerieux--Marcy-l'Etoile, France).
baboons testing Infection Diagnostic test positive CMV Anti-CMV IgG ELFA 9 (33) HAV Anti-HAV total immunoglobulins ELFA 8 (30) EBV Anti-EBV early and nuclear antigens 5 (19) IgG ELFA Measles virus Anti-measles virus IgG ELFA 0 Polio virus Serum neutralisation test 0 Tuberculosis Whole blood gamma interferon test 0 Salmonella spp.
The solution: Custom shelving The elfa open storage system has a free design service so I was able to tell them exactly how much rail space I needed as well as how many shelves and - crucially - shoe racks.
The retailer's elfa storage and shelving product line, which represents "great value," remained a strong seller even through the recession and continues today to be The Container Store's top-selling product line, Hanson said.
Huddersfield Atalanta, whilst joining the new ELFA, saw no need to worry.
For many of these vehicles, it integrates hybrid technology with ELFA technology, which consists of the electric drive portion of the vehicle.
Ceramic and fiber artist Elfa Jonsdottir offered one reason why, as she worked to help Casey get the gift shop up and running recently.
Howards Storage World, Scotland's only supplier of Elfa, has opened its first UK store in The Centre, Livingston and offers clever, innovative storage ideas.