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ELFEÉcole de Langue Française pour Étrangers (French: French Language School for Foreigners)
ELFEE-Learning for Female Entrepreneurs (online course; various locations)
ELFEElectron Laboratory for Europe (electron accelerator; Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee)
ELFEEuropean eLearning Forum for Education (EU)
ELFEEnglish as a Lingua Franca in Europe
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The ELFE fraction in Sepang was also the highest compared to the rest of the soils studied.
02) CI, Confidence interval Table 4: Adjuvant chemotherapy trials without cisplatin-containing regimens Author/group Number of Treatment (year) patients Nitti/EORTC 397 FAMTX (or FEMTX) (2006) [22] De Vita/GOIM 228 ELFE (2007) [23] Sakuramoto/ACTS-GC 1059 S-1 (2008) [24] Author/group Hazard ratio for 5-year survival rate (year) death (95% CI) (%) Nitti/EORTC 0.
As a specimen of forced etymology, it may be mentioned that Samuel Johnson, in his Dictionary, records that some derive this word from the name of the Gibellines, a faction in Italy; so that elfe and goblin are Guelph and Gibelline because the children of either party were terrified by their nurses with the name of the other.
With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tiredness properties, Crodarom Elfe Flower is an ideal ingredient for anti-fatigue or tonifying concepts.
85) In 1511, Elizabeth Sampson of London confessed before the bishop Richard Fitzjames of London that she had called Mary a "brent ars Elfe," meaning a pagan idol infected by a burning venereal disease.
Fayre boy, thinke not thy beauty can dispence With any payne due to a bad offence; Remember how the gods punisht that boy That scorn'd to let a beauteous Nymph enjoy Her long wisht pleasure; for the peevish elfe, Lov'd of all other, needs would love himself.
Wolfgang Elfe, James Hardin, and Gunther Holst, Jahrbuch fur Internationale Germanistik A3 (Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1977), 113-18.
Contract notice: Project management architecture concept elfe.
Exposure assessment of phthalates in French pregnant women: results of the ELFE pilot study.
there was neither devil nor urchin nor Elfe but themselves, who did metamorphoze themselves in every scene into the person eyther of the devil himselfe or of his Interpreter; and made the devils names their Puppet, to squeake, pipe, and fume out what they pleased to inspire.