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ELFEXTEqual Level Far End Cross Talk
ELFEXTEqual-Level Far-End Crosstalk
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Power sum NEXT and ELFEXT (PSNEXT, PSELFEXT) represent the addition of crosstalk noise from each group of three pairs onto the fourth pair.
Enhanced CAT 5 requires six additional test parameters--power sum NEXT, return loss, pair-to-pair ELFEXT, power sum ELFEXT, propagation delay and delay skew.
Glossary ATM asynchronous transfer mode ELFEXT equal level far-end crosstalk FEXT far-end crosstalk ISDN integrated services digital network ISO International Organization for Standardization LAN local area network NEXT near-end crosstalk OSI open systems interconnection OTDR optical time domain reflectometer POTS plain old telephone service PSELFEXT power sum equal level far-end crosstalk PSNEXT power sum near-end crosstalk TDR time-domain reflectometer TIA Telecommunications Industry Association UTP unshielded twisted pair WAN wide area network
Features exceptional PS NEXT, PS ELFEXT, and PS ACR performance above TIA/EIA 568-A-5 requirements and usable bandwidth above 250 MHz.