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ELHElectronic Application Help File
ELHEnglish Literary History
ELHNorth Eleuthera, Bahamas (Airport Code)
ELHÉquipe Littérature et Herméneutique (French: Literature and Hermeneutics Team)
ELHEntity Life History (database)
ELHExtraliga Ledního Hokeje (Czech: Ice-Hockey League)
ELHEarly Life History
ELHEpic Level Handbook (Dungeons and Dragons)
ELHEridani Light Horse (BattleTech game)
ELHEspace Loisirs Handisport (French: Wheelchair Recreation Area)
ELHExtended Long Haul
ELHEasyLiving Home
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However, Bradley University faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Development Counseling (ELH) believe the changes we are making this fall as a result of the new standards are not only unlikely to result in a loss of students, but will actually lead to an increase in student hours in ELH.
She has published articles on American literature in such journals as PMLA, American Literature, and ELH, and is completing a book on the mystification of money in nineteenth-century American literature.
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