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ELHEnglish Literary History
ELHNorth Eleuthera, Bahamas (Airport Code)
ELHEntity Life History (database)
ELHExtraliga Ledního Hokeje (Czech: Ice-Hockey League)
ELHEarly Life History
ELHEpic Level Handbook (Dungeons and Dragons)
ELHEridani Light Horse (BattleTech game)
ELHExtended Long Haul
ELHEasyLiving Home
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Adding vision to ELH's product portfolio enables employers to offer one of the most requested employee benefits from a carrier they already know and trust for their ancillary benefit needs," said Curt Melville, chief operating officer for ELH.
See also Zachary Lesser, "Tragical-Comical-Pastoral-Colonial: Economic Sovereignty, Globalization, and the Form of Tragicomedy," ELH 74 (2007): 881-908.
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9) For discussions concerning Spenser and poetic anxiety, see for example David Lee Miller, "Spenser's Vocation, Spenser's Career," ELH 50 (1983): 197-231, esp.
In Aplysia, ELH is synthesized and cleaved from a larger preprohormone sequence (Nambu & Scheller 1986), and a homologous hormone, caudodorsal cell hormone, in Lymnaea is also synthesized from a preprohormone (Geraerts et al.
To conform to CACREP's new minimum requirements, ELH has increased the current School and Community Agency Graduate Counseling programs from 51 hours to 60 hours.
Other recent records of ELH stages of ragfish are those from the eastern North Pacific Ocean where specimens were sampled during studies on commercial groundfish stocks of the continental shelf from Sitka to Dixon Entrance (Wing and Kamikawa, 1995; Wing et al.
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This premise leads her to examine a host of eighteenth-century literature and phenomena in essays collected under the rubric of "the uncanny" but published separately over the last fifteen years in ELH, PMLA, Journal of Literary History, Critical Inquiry, and Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture.
For the new literary historicism generally see Stephen Greenblatt's "Introduction," in his edited The Forms of Power and the Power of Forms in the Renaissance (Norman, OK, 1982); Jonathan Dollimore and Alan Sinfield, Political Shakespeare: New Essays in Cultural Materialism (Manchester, Eng, 1985); Jonathan Goldberg, "The Politics of Renaissance Literature: A Review Essay," ELH 49 (1982): 514-42; Louis A.
Best believes the merger of the ELH business into Security Life will provide enhanced efficiencies and product diversity while creating additional cross-selling opportunities and promoting geographic expansion of the company's core dental and vision offerings.