ELICTElectronic Interference Countermeasures Techniques
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As Mary Jane Barnett has argued in a recent article in this journal (49.3 [1996], 542-572), Erasmian linguistic practice also depended on the glamour of allusive, metaphorical, and allegorical discourse to present and represent the fecundity and fundamental mystery of meanings in such a way as to elict transformative intellectual action from the reader who would be moved by fascination to find the kernal of reality within the shell of words.
To my surprise when I made my first field trip to the Kimberleys in 1975 and tried to elict 'traditional' stories from Ngarinyin people, it was the first one many of them wanted to tell me and for some the only one.
While such research generates excitement, there's a snag to it: To elict the insulin-blocking effect, Young, Cooper and many other investigators have had to use "industrial" concentrations of amylin -- abount 1,000 times higher than the tiny amounts of the protein normally circulating in rat or human blood.