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ELIDEExtension Language for Iterative Design Encoding (Java language software)
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Elide 2018-1 is particularly robust to extreme scenarios.
The lack of this critical interplay, whenever it occurs in these essays, reduces a writer's elaborate figuration into a sexual theory that elides the more complicated social and psychological ranges of intimacy.
Moreover, when he refers to the Invisible Man's speeches as "the means through which the collective expresses its own subjectivity" (139; my emphasis), Harper both generalizes and impersonalizes that collective subjectivity, which is to elide the effects of gender on the construction of racial identity once again.
The presiding judge had to instruct the prosecution to elide the word "oligarch" so as to not prejudice the jury.
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed Elide 2011-01, Elide 2012-01 and Elide 2014-01 and removed them from Rating Watch Evolving (RWE).
In or to reserve a superior position relative to other African Americans, Alice uses the security of her social standing to elide Bob's moral contradictions in terms of race, smoothing over his fear of a racial apocalypse.
The fact that Reagan's presidency didn't accomplish anything approaching its seismic promise--the size of government grew, abortion remained legal, and entitlements still abounded--is one that his partisan biographers elide by focusing on what Reagan believed and said rather than on what he actually did.
Innis argues that the cultural predominance of spatially biased media of communications, such as television and cinema, contribute to the creation of "monopolies of knowledge" (what American Walter Lippmann later termed "the manufacture of consent") that spread themselves over vast geographical distances and can elide differences, encourage stereotypes and presume to occupy a pre-eminent, centralized, perhaps even "aerial" view.
As he lies dying in France, wondering in epigraphs, in the first person, at the beginning of each of the novella's three parts who will whisper in his ear the prayer for the dead, memories wander in and out like dreamlike sequences, and elide, in the textual imaginary of life at death's door, the liminalities of real and metaphorical shores.
In an attempt to be all-inclusive and to embrace the global 'differences' within feminist difference, the excitements and energies of feminist practices become blurred and elide the fierceness of the arguments.
Paris/London: Fitch Ratings has affirmed Elide 2011-01, Elide 2012-01 and Elide 2014-01 and removed them from Rating Watch Evolving (RWE), as follows