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The difficulty in comparing the registered substances with the lists of the EINECS and ELINCS, lies also in the fact that in many cases the original EC number has been changed, and there is no way to understand what was lost in the process.
If successfully implemented, ELINCS version 1.1 will enable providers to receive lab results sooner than by traditional methods.
The grants are part of the EHR-Lab Interoperability and Connectivity Standards (ELINCS).
* Protameen Chemicals, Totowa, NJ, announced that its Protachem ISL moisturizing hair and skin care ester received ELINCS approval.
In accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC concerning the approximation of legislative provisions regarding the classification, packaging and labelling of dangerous substances (Elincs), the European Commission moved on November 12 to adopt the updated list of chemicals notified up to June 30 1995.