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ELINTElectronic Intelligence
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Beyond the Baltic, energetic airborne ELINT gathering activity has been witnessed in the Syrian and Iraqi theatres as the US-led coalition (known as Combined Joint Task Force-Operation INHERENT RESOLVE/CJTF-OIR) continues its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgent group.
The misconception that TES only provides ELINT support and is only suited for conventional warfare nearly resulted in leaders overlooking the SIGINT capabilities organic to it.
The system has an ELINT capability mode with high sensitivity (better than -80 dBm), extensive data collection, including intrapulse parameters and no degradation of wideband characteristics while collecting ELINT data.
This series of ELINTs were given orbital periods and inclinations to make each one follow almost the same path across the ground day after day, as indicated on the map at left.
In tandem with its acquisition of the SAGE ESM, the Republic of Korea is thought to be satisfying its requirement to replace its existing ELINT gathering fleet, which is centred on four Hawker/Beechcraft 800SIG/RC-800 turbofan transports.
MOS 98C will be revised to include the operational ELINT skills of the 98J.
Stupples continued that all of this ELINT has to be assembled to provide an accurate real-time Recognised Electronic Picture (REP) of the RF environment during an operation or during the day-today activities of any military in peacetime.
ELINT is information regarding enemy systems which emit RF energy for offensive purposes.
Thales Airborne Systems is to supply the ves el's ELINT subsystem, with shipbuilder Compagnie Nationale de Navigation (and its subsidiary Compagnie Maritime Nantaise) supplying the hull.
SIGINT is effectively an umbrella term for Communications Intelligence (COMINT) which covers communications traffic collection and analysis and ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) which relates to the collection and analysis of radar transmissions.